Story Behind the Ring - Dalaki's Surprise Proposal

December 07, 2016


I am currently in Oklahoma and she is in Utah. We were wanting to get married but before the time of our marriage and the current date, we could not have a proper engagement. We were left with this idea that we would just settle for letting people know we wanted to get married and get engaged some day in the future.

A little luck, and a whole lot of help and a friend helped me find a plane ticket to Utah for a surprise engagement. As soon as the ticket was bought, I was contacting mutual friends and family to set up the perfect engagement but before I could fully put the plan in motion, I had to find the perfect ring.

Because of my recent relocation and another amazing friend, I turned to Jewelry by Johan. Not only did they help me with the perfect ring but also accommodated the possibility that when the ring finished it could be sent to either a local address or one in Utah to help with my engagement plans.

Diamond Engagement Ring

So three weeks before I officially popped the question, I had a ring ordered, a plane ticket bought, friends in the working, and 144 electronic tea lights to set up. I had about thirty people in on the engagement and everyone was super helpful. From being picked up from the airport, to setting up, to someone filming the entire engagement, friends and family came together to make this moment a fairy tale for my current fiancee. So I flew in late Thursday night. Martin and Austin picked me up from the airport, Josh was ready with the camera and her roommates had her out of the house to keep her up. We went to the location of our first date, the Utah Shakespeare Outdoor Adams Theater. We set up all of the tea lights and at 2 am, she pulled up. Her roommates had to goad her out of the car and convince her that she needed to come show them the theater. She worked the ticket office and eventually made it to the theater.

Eventually, she was by an opening and I hit play on a bluetooth speaker. She had no idea I was in Utah. She had no idea that I had set this all up. She had no idea that I had the perfect ring. I gently pulled her up onto the stage and we danced, hugged, cried, and kissed. She was so happy that I was there and kept asking if this was real? Are you really here? I reassured her and after a minute or two, I dropped to one knew and for the second time that night she was completely caught off guard.

Dalaki and Olivia Engagement Video from Blue Horizon on Vimeo.

She lit up when she saw I was proposing and for the third time, she could not speak when I opened the box with the ring that would declare my commitment to her. After a frantic nod yes and a verbal confirmation, I wrapped my arms around her and spun her in the air in my embrace. She said, "yes". She said YES!!! And because a little bit of luck and a whole lot of help, I was able to make the perfect woman's night with her perfect engagement.

Dalaki and Olivia will be getting married on December 17, 2016 in Utah. Congratulations to the both of you!

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