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Troilite in Meteorite Jewelry

August 11, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

What is Troilite? What does it look like? Do you want it in your meteorite jewelry? Get all the answers to these and other questions!
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FAQs About Gold Jewelry

May 09, 2017 4 min read

How can you tell if gold's real? What is rose gold? Is gold hypoallergenic? These and other gold jewelry questions answered all in one place.
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Payment Options Accepted at Jewelry by Johan

January 31, 2017 2 min read

We offer several convenient options for payment here at Jewelry by Johan, including our no-interest payment plan called FlexPay and Apple Pay.
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How to Tell If It’s Real Meteorite Jewelry

July 15, 2016 3 min read 2 Comments

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How To Measure Your Bracelet Size

July 29, 2015 1 min read

A bracelet that doesn't quite fit can be uncomfortable and annoying. Learn how to properly measure your wrist so you can order the correct size!
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[VIDEO] How to Send us Your Wood for a Custom Item

July 25, 2014 2 min read 1 Comment

This helpful blog includes a short video that explains how to send in your own wood item or wood sample for creation of a custom jewelry item.
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Wedding Band Stand-in Rings

July 18, 2014 1 min read

Need your wedding band sooner than it is scheduled to be delivered? If you know that your ring won't arrive in time for your wedding, you can purchase a Wedding Band Stand-In Ring
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[HOW TO] Choose the Right Diamond for You

May 30, 2014 2 min read

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[HOW TO] Get Your Custom Ring Sized Properly

April 29, 2014 4 min read

Proper ring sizing for a custom ring is easy and very important. This helpful article includes information and a video to help you get it right the first time.
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International Ring Size Conversion Chart

April 27, 2014 3 min read

For our international customers, this helpful ring size conversion chart will tell you what US size is the equivalent to the size in your country.
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Why Are Titanium Rings So Popular?

April 17, 2014 1 min read

Titanium rings are a top-choice because they are durable, affordable, comfortable and low-maintenance! Is titanium the best choice for your ring?
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Where Do Dinosaur Bones Come From?

March 14, 2013 2 min read

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