Memorial Paving Stone for Pet

Pet Memorial Rings - Mindy Sue's Story

On the day we were introduced to Mindy, the planets must have aligned. The pet memorial ring we created in her memory is the perfect symbol of our bond with her. 

Custom Memorial Ring for Bird

Story Behind the Ring - Anne's Memorial Ring

Read how Anne turned memories of her beloved parrot into a keepsake ring that allows her feathered companion of 20 years to remain close. READ MORE
Memorial Necklace for Dog

Pet Ashes Memorial Jewelry

Celebrate the memory of a lost pet by creating a unique piece of jewelry containing their ashes. Take any existing design and create a memorial item. READ MORE
Pansy Great Dane

Story Behind the Ring - Remembering Pansy

Pansy was a great dane who was a great friend. Her mom paid tribute to her life by having us create a memorial ring featuring her ashes. READ MORE