Buyer Beware of Plated Tungsten Rings

Buyer Beware: Plated Men's Wedding Bands

Black tungsten, blue titanium, gold tungsten and other colored metal rings are popular men's wedding band choices. BUT, these rings are plated and prone to chip and fade very easily. Before you get enticed by these trendy, alternative wedding bands, learn some pros and cons.
Ultimate Guide To Women's Wedding Bands

Ultimate Guide To Women's Wedding Bands

What types of women’s wedding bands are there? Do I wear it on the inside or outside? Should I solder? Read on for the answers.
Black Metal Ring Options

Ultimate Guide To Black Metal Rings

Black rings are a modern, moody, trendy and stylish accessory and make for excellent wedding bands. With so many options available, which black metal is right for you?
December 01, 2017
Whiskey Barrel Wood Rings

Custom Rings Made From Whiskey Barrels

If you enjoy a glass of Jack after a long day or you simply admire the unique grain pattern of the whiskey barrel oak, a whiskey barrel ring may be for you.
June 28, 2016
Jenga Inspires Couple to Create Unique Wood Wedding Rings

Jenga Inspires Couple to Create Unique Wood Wedding Rings

Their game nights frequently consisted of Jenga. Now, their wedding rings do, too. Hear how one couple had us create some very unique wedding jewelry.

Meet the Makers

In this special blog series, we feature videos and fun information about the real people behind the amazing jewelry created at Jewelry by Johan.