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Dinosaur Bone Engagement Ring

Dinosaur Bone Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Made With Dinosaur Bone An engagement ring of this design is truly prehistoric. This 14k white gold, tension diamond ring engagement ring is handcrafted with genuine dinosaur bone, which can be dated back to 150 million years ago. The clean cut diamond is the perfect contrast with the ruggedness of the dinosaur […]

Handcrafted Dinosaur Bone Rings

Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring

From Fossil to Dinosaur Bone Ring Turning Dinosaur Bones into Jewelry People often wonder whether it is legal to buy, sell and use dinosaur bone in handcrafted dinosaur bone rings. The short answer is, “Yes, with a caveat.” Dinosaur bone is legal to possess, sell and use in custom made jewelry and other products, as long […]

Is it Illegal to Sell Dinosaur Bone or Use it in Jewelry?

Dinosaur Jewelry

It is not Illegal to Possess, Sell, Distribute, or Use Dinosaur Bone to Create and Sell Art Most, if not all, dinosaur bones found in the earth are petrified similar to petrified wood from a dead tree. There were many different species of dinosaurs that roamed the earth and died off similar to other species that […]

Meteorite Dinosaur Bone Men’s Ring with a 14k Gold Pinstripe

Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring

Exotic Materials Combined for Stunning Wedding Bands When Johan first designed this ring, he knew he was creating something that the world hadn’t seen before. This men’s ring is made with some of the most amazing materials ever discovered by man. Inlays of Gibeon meteorite and agatized dinosaur leg bone from the Morrison Formation in […]

Where Do Dinosaur Bones Come From?

Dinosaur Bone Ring Information

Dinosaur Bone Jewelry is Popular, Unique, and, Yes, it’s REAL. A lot of people still doubt the existence of dinosaurs, whether it’s because of religion or just lack of interest. But the fact is, the gathering of fossils dates back to the beginning of recorded history. Fossils, from the Latin word “fossus”,  literally means “having been […]