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Troilite in Meteorite Jewelry

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 What Is Troilite? Troilite appears as a dark spot among a meteorite’s angular metal patterns. Geologically speaking, it is a rare mineral that is a variety of pyrrhotite. It is widely but sparsely distributed in meteorites, as well as on earth and in lunar soil samples. Iron-containing Octahedrite meteorites such as Gibeon meteorite, which we use for the […]

Meteorite Knives and Jewelry

Gibeon Meteorite Knife

Meteorite Jewelry and Knives Stones from space have more history to them than just flying through the cosmos. While we use meteorite to create unique meteorite jewelry, the use of the material dates back quite a ways. Today we use the extraterrestrial iron to make meteorite rings – while in the past, the rare material […]

The Original Meteorite Ring

Meteorite Rings for Men

The Very First Meteorite Ring   For decades, it seems that meteorites have captured our curiosity and this photography now has our full attention. This photography dated from 1938, depicts a woman who appears to be studying the meteorite known as the “Tucson Ring.” It is safe to say long before Jewelry by Johan presented our […]

Mens Meteorite Wedding Bands

Men's Meteorite Wedding Bands

The Perfect Men’s Wedding Band Make Jewelry by Johan your destination for wedding bands that are truly out of this world. This men’s meteorite wedding band is handcrafted with box elder burl and stardust. The titanium pinstripes separate each of the materials; a great complimentary element to this stellar, yet, timeless design.    

Proposing Under a Meteor Shower

Custom Meteorite Engagement Ring

Man Proposes with Custom Meteorite Ring – Under a Meteor Shower Take a moment such as a proposal, with all of its emotions and beauty and significance. Now imagine that moment taking place under a magnificent event such as a meteor shower. Instead of handing her a diamond solitaire ring like what is common, you […]

Meteorite Jewelry Care Instructions

Meteorite Rings for Men

Step by Step Meteorite Jewelry Cleaning and Care Instructions Meteorite is an iron based material and does have the potential to rust. Jewelry by Johan uses Gibeon Meteorite which is considered to be one of the more stable Meteorite types. Care must be taken to keep meteorite away from chemicals (chlorine, bleach, swimming pools, etc.) […]