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Hexagon Pendant in Sterling Silver-CAT2PEME178

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This sterling silver, hexagon pendant features two different types of meteorite, Muonionalusta from north of the arctic circle and Campo meteorite from Argentina. This geometric pendant is certain to be a conversation piece. This geometric shape goes perfectly with the Widmanstatten pattern present on the Muonionalusta meteorite. The oldest meteorite known to man, 4.5653 billion years old, was found in Scandinavia near the Muonio river. This meteorite has experienced four ice-ages! While crashing through the atmosphere it broke into forty pieces, with some of them keeping most of their original gargantuan size. Because of the cosmic rays it was exposed to while in space, and the heavy shock it experienced while colliding with earth, the Muonionalusta has an extremely rare mineral within it - formed only by extremely high pressure; Stishovite. Wear this time-tested and rare rock with grace! If you'd like to learn more about our meteorites we use in jewelry like this go to our Education Center to learn more about your purchase. DETAILS OF THE PENDANT Metal: Sterling Silver Size: 21 mm x 33 mm Chain not included* Muonionalusta Meteorite Campo Meteorite View the shop policies. Contact us for help with any questions or special requests! Celebrate your stellar style, Johan Rust