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Unique Dinosaur Bone Stud Earrings, Made to Order-3454

Give the gift of the century, these dinosaur bone earrings will fill her with joy. Sterling silver studs are set with real, fossilized dinosaur bone. Also known as gembone, it is rare and scarce therefore the color of your dino bone earrings will be one-of-a-kind. After ordering, we will email you images of our current dinosaur bone specimens to choose from. 

Earring Metal: Sterling Silver

0.5 mm Sterling Silver
5.5 mm Dinosaur Bone
0.5 mm Sterling Silver

Inlay: Dinosaur Bone (Qty: 2)
Size/Shape: 5.5 mm, Round

Contactme for help with any questions or special requests!

Johan Rust

*Natural materials can vary from specimen to specimen by having different color hues, tints, shades, tones, and textures. Therefore, the item you receive may be different than the images and the specifications provided in the description.

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