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Rose Gold Stardust™ Bracelet in Stainless Steel-RS10198

Mix and match to fit any occasion with this modular rose gold Stardust™ bracelet! Meteorite and rose gold shavings fill the interchangeable bracelet inlay, which has been waterproofed and polished to a mirror finish. This personalized wristband is perfect for any man or woman who prefers a more subdued style.

This interchangeable bracelet is in stock and ships within 1-3 business days.

This modular bracelet set includes one bracelet chain and one interchangeable inlay. The bracelet chain requires an inlay in order to fully close.

Each modular bracelet set includes a case for the bracelet chain.

Metal: Stainless Steel
Finish: Polished and Brushed
Inlay Material: Rose Gold Stardust
Width: 0.5″
Inlay Length: 1.875″

Size: 6.5″ (8.5″ With Inlay)

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