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Jewelry by Johan’s Metal Options for Custom Jewelry

Our many jewelry metals include precious metals and alternative metals. The metal you choose can greatly effect the look of your design, impact durability, and influence final cost as our pricing for precious metals is based on today’s metal pricing.

For more detailed information about the differences in our jewelry metal options in respect to affordability, durability, hypoallergenic properties, and other factors, visit our Metals and Elements Education Center, or contact us and we’ll help you pick the perfect metal for your style, lifestyle and budget.

Don’t forget to consider a different metal finish option that makes your ring even more fitting to your style.



Jewelry Metal Types

Plated vs. Non-Plated Rings

Please note that our rings are not plated, which does effect the finished look of the ring. If you’ve purchased another item from a different jeweler and are considering purchasing a ring from us that you’d like to have a matched metal finish, please determine if your first ring is plated or not. A 10k white gold rhodium plated ring vs. our 10k white gold non-plated ring will look different. If you would like to have your ring plated, please let us know at the time of ordering.

Plated vs. Non-plated Ring
Non-plated 10K White Gold (left) vs. Rhodium Plated 10k White Gold



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