Repair Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence

At Jewelry by Johan we want you, the buyer, to feel confident in your purchase and know that your satisfaction will always be our top priority.  Return the ring within the first ten days of receiving it and we’ll give you in-store credit for us to remake, replace, and modify your returned jewelry. If we didn’t make or give you what you asked for we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied. You can even cancel the entire transaction and get a full refund during the first three days of your purchase if you change your mind.

Sizing Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Breathe Easy

If you ordered the incorrect size we understand and will split the cost of creating your new, correctly sized ring.

Information Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Be Informed

We want you, as the customer, to be informed. On our site, on call, in email, and on paper in your ring’s packaging, we’ll give you everything about your materials: from certificates of authenticity to tips about your ring’s materials and how to take care of them. Visit our Jewelry by Johan Education Center for more information about our process, materials, and answers to commonly asked questions.

Ring Armor Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Be Protected

Our wood and antler rings come with FREE Ring Armor Waterproofing, a $75 value. If you find a chink in our armor, we’ll redo it for free, a $35 value. Ring Armor is a proprietary product developed by Jewelry by Johan and it is only available from Jewelry by Johan. Any other business selling Ring Armor is selling you an imitation. We also offer Lifetime Meteorite Ring Protection which means that you get to wear your meteorite ring care-free. Send us your meteorite ring for free cleaning and re-etching, a $75 value. You only pay for shipping and we’ll do our best to make your jewelry look as good as new.

Adding your items to your home-owners insurance policy is a low-cost way to cover yourself in the event of loss, damage, theft etc. Coverage costs will vary dependent on your item value and geography, but for most people, insuring your jewelry will cost 1-2% of its value  (e.g. a $5,000 ring will cost you an additional $50-$100 annually). Or, Jeweler’s Mutual offers affordable insurance coverage.