Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee.

Repair Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence

At Jewelry by Johan we want you, our valued customer, to feel completely confident in your purchase, and also to know that your satisfaction will always be our top priority.
If you’re not completely satisfied with your item after you receive it, return it within the first ten days and you will receive in-store credit for us to remake, replace, or modify your returned jewelry.
If we fail to meet your expectations, we will work with you until you’re satisfied. You can even cancel the entire transaction and get a full refund during the first three days of your purchase if you change your mind.
We stand by the authenticity of the rare, unique materials used in our jewelry, particularly our meteorite and dinosaur bone. When applicable, your item will include a certificate of authenticity.

Sizing Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Sizing Made Simple

Our custom ring sizers are crafted in the exact width, size, profile, etc. of your desired item and allow for easy and accurate assessment of your size. If you purchased a custom ring sizer, and an item you receive is made in the wrong size, we will re-make the item for no cost (valid one time). Signature Styles can be exchanged for the correct size; simply contact us within ten days to arrange an exchange.
If you do not purchase custom ring sizers and you receive an incorrectly sized item, there is a 20% remake fee. If your item is crafted in a precious metal, contains a meteorite inlay, or contains a mokume inlay, the remake fee is 35%.

Information Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Be Informed

We want you, our valued customer, to be informed. On our website, in phone conversations, in email, and on the paper in your ring’s packaging, we will provide you with all necessary information about your ring’s materials and how to take care of and properly clean them. Visit our Jewelry by Johan Education Center for more information about our process, materials, and answers to common questions.

Lifetime Services

We stand behind our products and offer the following lifetime services on all of our rings with the goal to help you retain your item’s original beauty and durability. Simply pay for return shipping and know we’ll do our best to keep your jewelry look as good as new.

Ring Armor Protection: If you find a scratch in the armor applied to your wood or antler, we’ll fix it for free.

Meteorite Ring Protection: You get to wear your meteorite ring care-free. Send us your meteorite ring for free cleaning and re-etching,.

Repair of Natural Materials: If the natural material in your item becomes damaged, please contact us and we can assess if it can be repaired (a fee may apply depending on level of damage). We will provide you with all repair options available. If your ring is deemed to be damaged beyond repair, we’ll replace it with a new ring for a cost of 50% of the current retail price. This is a one-time offer and will not carry over to the new, replacement ring.

NOTE: If you take the ring to any other jeweler to get it resized or repaired in any way, the guarantee is void.

Ring Armor Jewelry By Johan Guarantee

Additional Protection

Damage or loss of precious stones are not covered by this guarantee. Such stones can be covered by your homeowners policy. Adding your items to your homeowners insurance policy is a low-cost way to cover yourself in the event of loss, damage, theft etc. Coverage costs will vary dependent on your item value and geography, but for most people, insuring your jewelry will cost 1-2% of its value  (e.g. a $5,000 ring will cost you an additional $50-$100 annually). Or, Jeweler’s Mutual offers affordable insurance coverage.