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The way we spend our time defines who we are. Now, we offer watches that can help define your unique sense of style. Gibeon meteorite watches make great gifts for a grad, dad, or groom. If you have a watch in your possession that you want to customize with a Gibeon meteorite face, send it to us and we can do it! We also offer a variety of men’s wood watches.

Johan Eduard Watches

Our exclusive line of Johan Eduard Watches incorporates all of the unique, natural inlay materials we are best-known for.  Johan Eduard Watches are unique and designed by us, made one at a time as they are ordered. Johan Eduard Watches are inlaid with Meteorite, Dinosaur Bone, Deer Antler, Wood, etc. If you have a special material that is sentimental to you, contact and ask us, we may be able to inlay it into a Johan Eduard watch.

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