Additional Inlay Components, Unique Interchangeable Bracelet Links-BRL1000

Our interchangeable bracelets offer a variety of different looks featuring an abundance of unique material inlay components. We have a variety of meteorite types, including Gibeon Meteorite and rare El Hammami Meteorite. We’ve also got a variety of wood components that coordinate with popular ring designs using the same type of wood, including Tulip and a variety of burls. Best of all, the backside of the inlay link can be engraved with a special sentiment, inside joke, name, date, or whatever you’d like.

This listing is for one bracelet inlay component for our interchangeable bracelet system. This link requires a chain to be worn as a bracelet. Purchase one of our interchangeable bracelet starter sets to begin your modular collection!

This interchangeable bracelet is my own design and is protected intellectual property. Please view our Terms and Conditions.

Metal: Stainless Steel
Finish: Polished
Width: 0.5″
Length: 1.875″

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