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Unique Platinum Ring With Damascus, Dinosaur Bone and Yellow Gold Pinstripes-1539

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Platinum ring with Damascus, dinosaur bone and 10k yellow gold. This ring is made from very diverse and rare materials, it is sure to attract attention. The inlays in this dinosaur bone ring goes all the way around the ring, showing no joints at all.

Crushed vs. Solid Dinosaur Bone Opt for solid dinosaur bone if you'd like a more prominent pattern and bolder color. Crushed dinosaur bone, which has a lower cost, usually results in a darker color, more subtle pattern and is coated with our Ring Armor protection.

Ring Width: 10 mm
Ring Sleeve: Platinum
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Platinum
1 mm 10k Yellow Gold
2.5 mm Dinosaur Bone
2 mm Damascus Steel
2.5 mm Dinosaur Bone
1 mm 10k Yellow Gold
0.5 mm Platinum

This ring has a comfort fit.


We highly recommend that you get your ring size in a COMFORT FIT measured by reputable jewelers UNTIL at least 2 agree on the same size (law of averages). To ensure we will be making your ring the proper fit, please read the following links:

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*Natural materials can vary from specimen to specimen by having different color hues, tints, shades, tones, and textures. Therefore, the item you receive may be different than the images and the specifications provided in the description.