Dinosaur Bone, Opal, and Meteorite Cuff Links, Gift for the Groom-3985

These cuff links have dinosaur bone and meteorite cut down the middle by a strip of bright opal. The angular patterns in the meteorite sparkle with every change in light. This lustrous quality complements the iridescent blue-green synthetic opal. These unique materials are encased in polished sterling silver for an austere, formal appearance.

These unique cuff links make an extraordinary wedding gift for your husband-to-be, a unique memento for your groomsmen, or a special gift for you, your family and friends.

Sleeve: Sterling Silver
Profile: Round
Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Sterling Silver
6 mm Gibeon Meteorite
0.5 mm Sterling Silver
2 mm Crushed Synthetic Opal
0.5 mm Sterling Silver
6 mm Dinosaur Bone
0.5 mm Sterling Silver

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**The mineral troilite is present in meteorite and may be visible in your finished item. If you’d like to ensure no troilite can be seen, purchase the troilite-free meteorite add-on. Learn more about troilite in meteorite jewelry.