Platinum Men's Wedding Band With Meteorite and Bezel Setting-1969

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Platinum and meteorite come together in one of the rarest wedding bands on the market! The Gibeon Meteorite in this ring is over 4 billion years old. This platinum wedding band also features two black enamel pinstripes. A round, bezel set diamond further enhances the already incredible symbol of love. This timeless peace will forever be a light in your loving bond.

The Meteorite shows a fantastic Widmanstätten pattern. It has been etched with an acid to reveal the characteristic patterns, or Widmanstätten figures, of iron meteorites. No two etched meteorites will have the exact same pattern.

Ring Width: 9 mm
Ring Sleeve: Platinum
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Platinum
0.5 mm Black Enamel Pinstripe
0.5 mm Platinum
6 mm Gibeon Meteorite
0.5 mm Platinum
0.5 mm Black Enamel Pinstripe
0.5 mm Platinum

Stone: Diamond (Qty: 1)
Shape/Size: Round, 2.4 mm
Setting: Platinum Bezel

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**The mineral troilite is present in meteorite and may be visible in your finished item. If you’d like to ensure no troilite can be seen, purchase the troilite-free meteorite add-on. Learn more about troilite in meteorite jewelry.