Meteorite Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring, Moissanite Wedding Band-1790

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This one-of-a-kind tension set, sapphire engagement ring is accented with partial meteorite inlays. The Gibeon Meteorite displays its wonderful Widmanstätten pattern in a sleek, curved fashion.

This listing includes the matching titanium wedding band seen in the first and fifth picture. This titanium wedding band holds a lustrous moissanite in 14k white gold and aligns perfectly with its titanium engagement ring counterpart.

*Due to the unique twist design of the engagement ring it can’t be engraved.

Ring width: 9.5 mm tapered to 3 mm
Ring Sleeve: Titanium
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Titanium
1.5 mm Meteorite (partial inlays)
1 mm Titanium
3.5 mm (4 mm Blue Sapphire Gemstone)
1 mm Titanium
1.5 mm Meteorite (partial inlays)
0.5 mm Titanium

Stone: Blue Sapphire (Qty: 1)
Shape/Size: Round, 4 mm
Quality: Genuine, AA
Setting: Tension Set

Ring Width: 1.5 mm
Ring Sleeve: Titanium
Ring Profile: Flat – Custom Shape
Ring Finish: Polished

Stone: Forever Classic Moissanite (Qty: 1)
Shape/Size: Round, 1 mm
Setting: 14k White Gold Bezel Set

Available Ring Sizes: 4 to 16, including 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes
This ring set comes with a standard fit.


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This ring is not re-sizable.


This ring cannot be engraved.

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**The mineral troilite is present in meteorite and may be visible in your finished item. If you’d like to ensure no troilite can be seen, purchase the troilite-free meteorite add-on. Learn more about troilite in meteorite jewelry.