Ring Soldering Service


IMPORTANT: Before ordering this service, your items must be assessed so we are able to confirm that we can solder them together safely. Please complete the form below to tell us more about your rings.

Composition of Rings

We are able to solder together most of our rings and rings purchased from another jewelry store. We can not solder together plated rings.

WHAT IS SOLDERING? Soldering is the process of joining two rings together to form one bridal set. A filler metal is melted to bond the two rings together.

WHY SOLDER: Soldering your engagement ring and wedding band together prevents the spinning of the bands around your finger and reduces the everyday wear and tear caused by friction. It also gives the mated rings a cleaner, symmetrical look. 

TURNAROUND: Average of 2 weeks.

COST: Price depends on the metal composition of your rings.

SIZING TIP: To ensure the rings still fit comfortably after they are soldered, we recommend ordering one of our custom ring sizers in the same total width as the two rings. For example, if you have a 3mm wide engagement ring and 2mm wedding band, order a 5mm wide sizer.