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Couples’ Matching Wedding Bands

You’ve found your perfect match, now you need to find the rings that perfectly express your style.

This collection boasts our matching wedding bands for him and her, designed to suit both of you. All of our items can be purchased individually, but here we've got examples of various wedding ring sets that feature our men’s wedding bands paired with a women's band and/or engagement ring. Our unique couples rings are far from ordinary, just like your love!

If you’re hoping to bundle ladies’ rings, we have some extraordinary bridal sets that feature an engagement ring and coordinating women's wedding bands.

Set yourself apart from the crowd with unique styles like dinosaur bone rings,  matching meteorite wedding rings, exotic wood bands or natural deer antler rings. Purchase together as shown, or they can be purchased individually.

Have a wedding ring set idea in mind that you don’t see here? Contact a JBJ design consultant today.

Jewelry by Johan: Unique, Handcrafted Rings

Jewelry by Johan stands out as a distinguished ring seller, creating wedding bands inspired by nature and love since 2008. With over 80,000 satisfied couples globally, our USA-based handcrafted approach ensures the highest quality and precision.

Show your love with unique his and hers wedding ring sets

Beyond being a symbol of love, matching bands create a visual representation of the unique connection and journey a couple embarks upon together. It serves as a constant reminder of their shared commitment, a tangible and wearable testament to the bond that ties two individuals in a lifelong partnership. Additionally, the act of selecting matching wedding bands becomes a shared experience, adding an extra layer of significance to these meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Our alternative matching wedding band materials

We utilize alternative metals like titanium and tungsten carbide, incorporating unconventional elements such as exotic wood, dinosaur bone, and meteorite. Our full-service design invites you to actively participate in creating personalized, unique pieces, and the flexibility to use materials supplied by you further enhances the meaningfulness of each ring.

Want to customize your ring today? Reach out to our team and request a custom quote. Some of our product pages also include a simple “Customize this product” button to make it easier than ever to get the perfect ring.