Interchangeable Rings allow you to keep the sentimental value of your wedding ring while, at the same time, giving you the ability to change up the materials and arrangement over time to suit your ever-changing style. The inlay component choices for our interchangeable rings here at Jewelry by Johan are endless. Choose from wood, meteorite, antler, camo, dinosaur bone, and more! Mix and match and change the order of your inlays for a completely customized look every day.

Why stick to One Style?

You are someone unique and can’t settle for just one style all the time. With this type of ring, you can swap out your inlays on the fly. You don’t have to buy a second ring, you can order an inlay at a lower cost. The inlays can seamlessly slip onto the band after you take it apart. Onlookers will have no clue that your ring can come apart until you tell them. With Interchangeable Rings you can be in control of your jewelry – not only in its production, but after it is already on your finger. You can have anywhere from 1 to 5 inlays and change them out to have a new ring whenever you want, any time. Want a new color, wood type, material, or arrangement? Why buy a totally new ring when you can just get different inlays? The jewelry you wear can change to match your outfit rather than sitting in a box, waiting to be remembered or properly paired with your clothing. That is our specialty; turning your limitless ideas into a reality.