It goes without saying that our designs, especially wedding bands and engagement rings, are well-suited for affiliates who have wedding-related websites or blogs.

In addition, there are specific collections and individual designs that are more sought after by narrower audiences. Below you'll find links to top-selling items tied to special interests.


We have guitar string rings and items made from woods that are commonly used in the creation of musical instruments (e.g. Rowan).


Our Distinctly Johan eternity bands pair our popular nature-inspired elements, precious metals and gorgeous gemstones.


The pet memorial jewelry collection is composed of rings and pendants inlaid with ashes or fur. They offer pet parents a tasteful way to keep their precious pals close to them, always.


Our meteorite rings and dinosaur bone rings are popular among the masses, but even more sought after by those who are passionate about science and technology. Some of our top selling ring designs and accessories:


Wood rings can be handcrafted using 100+ wood options, including exotics, burls and also customer supplied wood specimens. Our top-selling woods are Tulip Wood, Bloodwood and Ironwood.


Deer antler rings, antler watches, and antler cuff links can be handcrafted using customer-supplied antler making them popular gifts for hunters and sought after by hunter grooms-to-be.


The distinct grain pattern and color of barrel's oak wood makes for a classic, sophisticated whiskey barrel wood ring or cuff link inlay.