What is Damascus Steel?

The undulating design in Damascus steel resembles flowing water. Damascus steel rings have a mesmerizing birds eye pattern. Today Damascus steel is typically made from a blend of steel and iron that is welded together to create a material that is prized for its unusual patterns.

The Origins of Damascus Steel

Damascus steel was first introduced in the trading center of Damascus (in present-day Syria). Its unique wavy or “damask” pattern is produced by mixing iron and steel. Also known as pattern-welded steel, the techniques used to create Damascus forms a metal that is hard and flexible. It was originally used to make swords and other long bladed weapons. Warriors from the Vikings to the Samurai have long held swords and knives made from laminated steel in the highest esteem. Damascus steel is known for its durability, 0 maintenance, and quality. These rings are hypoallergenic and much harder than conventional jewelry metals.

What Makes Jewelry by Johan's Damascus Steel Special?

Our patterns are not stamped or printed on the surface so you can be sure that they are real. Our Damascus rings have a clean look all the way around and are seamless unlike traditional patterned metal bands.