Modular Wedding Ring With Meteorite & Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Inlays

Our unique, modular Interchangeable Rings allow you to keep the sentimental value of your wedding ring AND the ability to change up the materials and arrangement over time to suit your ever-changing style. Quickly and easily!

Start with one of our titanium interchangeable ring cores and build your collection with your favorite, coordinating inlay components.

The inlay component choices for our interchangeable rings are vast. Choose from wood, meteorite, antler, dinosaur bone, and more!

Interchangeable Core and Component Pairing Ideas

Core C


Whiskey Oak

Core C + 6 mm inlay components. You have two completely different ring looks and your collection is off to a great start!

Core A




Core A + 2 mm inlay components. You get three different rings!

Core B




Core B + 2 mm inlay components (x 2) and 1 mm pinstripe. Arrange the inlay components in a symmetrical design with the pinstripe up the center. Build a collection of 2 mm inlay components for a variety of different rings! Our 5 mm inlay components also work perfectly with this core that has 1.5 mm edges.

Watch how quick and easy it is to change inlays!

In short, our extraordinary interchangeable rings allow you to get very creative with how you configure your core and inlay components. Change the order of your inlays for a completely customized look. Build your interchangeable ring collection today!