The Story Behind Nikki and Paul's Custom Ring

Nikki came to Jewelry by Johan to design a custom Deer Antler Wedding Band for her now husband, Paul. A truly beautiful, custom ring with an even sweeter story. Congrats, Nikki & Paul!

"We met in the fall of 1971; we were 8 years old and in the same class of the 2nd grade. We grew up together. We dated a few times in high school and then went our separate ways. As life would have it, things happen.

I know firsthand, people change, lives take a turn and if you are fortunate enough, some turns can take one full circle right back to where you began. We are so excited to begin a life together."

"I wanted something so special for a man who is so deserving of something that captures his true identity. The wood I chose and deer antler material are fitting of who he is as a true outdoors-man. His love of bow hunting was the inspiration for my arrow design. The arrow represents a parallel of our life. The arrow gains its strength by being drawn back (much like our relationship) and propelled forward. The circular design of this ring represents always moving forward.... together.

I am so excited to present this timeless piece to my bff. Thank you to those who put in the many hours creating this piece for me!"

Interested in Creating a Custom Antler Ring of Your Own?

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