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Cremation Rings & Memorial Jewelry

Introducing our exquisite collection of memorial rings and cremation jewelry, a thoughtful and personalized way to honor and cherish the memories of your loved ones. Memorialize your loved ones by adding their cremains into a ring, pendant, or other piece within a clear, protective coating to ensure the ashes endure as an heirloom for years to come.

Each piece is meticulously crafted to provide a lasting tribute, seamlessly blending elegant design with the emotional significance of preserving precious ashes or incorporating symbolic elements. If you don't see a design that's the perfect fit for you, contact us about custom cremation jewelry or browse our website for a design you love and we can usually replace an existing inlay with an inlay of ashes.

If you're looking for design inspiration, check out our blog post on pet ash memorial jewelry.

Handcrafted Memorial Rings & Cremation Jewelry

With a focus on unique designs and intricate craftsmanship, these meaningful keepsakes offer a deeply personal and touching way to carry the presence of your loved ones close to your heart.

How do I get the ashes to Jewelry by Johan for memorial jewelry?

In order to send ashes, please collect at least two tablespoons, or 30 grams, of ash. Double-bag them inside two Ziploc bags and seal the bags in a plastic container for extra security. If you’re sending pet fur, we need at least a handful (and will return any extra!). Then, you’ll download and sign our JBJ Liability Waiver and send it along with your supplied material.

To properly ship, you must ship through USPS Priority Mail Express with Signature Delivery. Read more about this requirement by the USPS. You can order free cremated remains shipping supplies at The Postal Store.

The outside of the box must be prominently labeled "Cremated Remains Label 139" on all sides that don't bear the shipping label. The postal address to ship to us is:

C/O (Your Name)
553 Hayward Avenue North
Suite 200
Oakdale, MN 55128

Visit our memorial jewelry education page for more information.

How are the cremation rings and ash jewelry made?

Our cremation rings and jewelry are made with high-quality materials from rare sources such as meteorite, topaz, titanium, and stardust. Ashes are added to the jewelry with a protective clear coating to ensure that they stay waterproof. We also boast a satisfaction guarantee where we’ll repair damages to your jewelry.

What types of memorial jewelry do you offer?

We’re happy to memorialize any of your loved ones, from your dearest to your furry family too. We offer cremains or ash jewelry, fur jewelry, and horse hoof jewelry.

What sets Jewelry by Johan’s memorial jewelry apart?

Founded in 2008, Jewelry by Johan has been creating exquisite cremation rings and jewelry with unique materials from the very beginning. With over 80,000 satisfied customers globally, we guarantee quality jewelry for your memorials.

Can I use more than one set of ashes for a memorial ring?

Yes, just follow the steps to send the ashes to us, if there are multiple inlays send them in their own container labeled, indicating where you would like them to be used. We will reach out to you once it arrives.