We fully acknowledge that love comes in ALL shapes and sizes. If your fingers are more robust or you have larger knuckles, it can be frustrating trying to find YOUR perfect wedding band in a larger size that fits comfortably and is more than just a simple, metal band.

But, we’ve got good news!! Because we personally handcraft all of our wedding bands, and most are made-to-order, we can create nearly every unique wedding band design we offer in plus sizes. Or, we can create you a completely new, custom plus sized wedding band design.

What Are Considered Plus Size Rings?

For men, US sizes 13 and larger are typically considered plus size. For women, US sizes 10 and larger are plus size. Use our International Ring Size Conversion Chart to figure out equivalent sizes in your country. We ship world-wide!

In our online store, most men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands can be ordered up to US size 13 online. If you'd like a larger size (we can go up to US ring size 22 for most designs, including 1/4 and 1/2 sizes), simply contact us and request a custom quote.

Do Plus Size Wedding Rings Cost More?

Most of the time. The reason being, they typically require more materials, metal, etc. to craft the larger size. Needless to say, they cost the jeweler more to make, so the price is higher for the customer.

To keep plus size ordering simple and easy, Jewelry by Johan takes average costs and we price standard sizes 13 and smaller the same. Then, we also price all of our plus sizes 13.25 and larger the same, but 30% more.

For example, a ring that’s $1,000 up to size 13 would be $1,300 in plus sizes 13.25 and larger.

Unique Plus Size Wedding Bands

Check out our collection of top-selling plus size wedding bands for men and women that includes authentic meteorite rings and gold wedding bands. Here are some of our personal favorites that are available made-to-order in sizes 10-20 in our online store.

Or, browse our entire online store to find your perfect ring. If you find a ring design that doesn’t allow you to select your desired size in the drop-down size selector, simply contact us to request a custom quote. Most rings can be ordered up to US size 22!

No matter the size, your perfect wedding band IS possible. Find it today at Jewelry by Johan.