Jewelry by Johan Creates Wedding Bands From Whiskey Barrels

Whether you prefer an old fashioned, a whiskey sour or a Manhattan, there's no denying that whiskey creates a drink like no other. Whiskey, one of the world's most popular liquors, has been creating memories (and sometimes, causing people to forget them) since the early 15th century. While other spirits such as rum, vodka, and beer have been similarly popular, whiskey remains America's favorite alcoholic drink today.

While some people may believe that "whiskey is whiskey," there are actually several different types. Scotch whiskey can only be made in Scotland, while Bourbon whiskey is made right here in the US. To be considered Bourbon, the whiskey must contain at least 51% corn and the barrel that the whiskey is stored in must not be reused. Only new, charred oak barrels are used to store and mature this delicious liquor. Tennessee whiskey is a Bourbon whiskey that is made and aged in Tennessee. This type of whiskey also undergoes an extra process where it is filtered through Charcoal.

The most famous of this whiskey is the brand that we get our whiskey barrels from. That's right, here at Jewelry by Johan we repurpose the wood from these famous whiskey barrels to make unforgettable, unique ring designs. We don't want to give away all of our secrets, but this brand name rhymes with Dack Janiel's. Today, this whiskey remains Tennessee's most exported product. Whiskey and drink enthusiasts have purchased our whiskey barrel rings from across the globe, making it one of our best­-selling products.

 Disassembling a Whiskey Barrel

While outdoor enthusiasts may choose our antler rings and science lovers might go with our meteorite rings, those who prefer our whiskey barrel rings have a unique sense of style that showcases a love of family, friends and socializing around a good, stiff drink. They love that the wedding ring they chose not only tells the world that they are in love, but that that they have a fun, easygoing personality.

So what's so great about whiskey barrel wood and why do we use them in our rings? Whiskey is just fermented grain placed into a barrel and matured over time. All Whiskeys are made this way including Scotch, Japanese, Irish and Bourbon whiskey. So then what gives whiskey its noteworthy taste? The answer is in the maturing process. Whiskey does not mature in a bottle, it can only mature in the all-famous whiskey barrel where the whiskey actually interacts with the wood, changing its taste and chemical makeup. That means that the age of the whiskey only refers to the length of time it was in the barrel. Once it is bottled, the taste of the whiskey does not necessarily change, mature or "get better" over time. This can only be done in the whiskey barrel. Looking for something organic to drink? Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys are all natural. Everything inside comes from water, grains and the barrel. There are no artificial colors, flavors or anything else that will tarnish the distinct, bold taste of this whiskey. That means it's good for you, right?

Whiskey Barrel Ring Designs

Take a look at our wide variety of whiskey barrel rings and be sure to speak to customer service about how to care for them. Not only do whiskey barrel rings provide a bold, rugged accessory to your ring finger, but they're sure to be used as a great conversation starter over a glass of whiskey any time.


Whiskey Barrel Oak Ring with Pinstripes

Tungsten Whiskey Barrel Wedding Band

     Black Ceramic Whiskey Barrel Ring

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