Antler & Meteorite Ring With Gold Pinstripe
White Gold PinstripeYellow Gold PinstripeRose Gold Pinstripe
Black Stardust™ & Meteorite Wedding Band with Gold Pinstripe
Rose Gold PinstripeYellow Gold PinstripeWhite Gold Pinstripe
Celtic Wedding Band with Wood
From $2,550.00
10k Yellow Gold14k Rose Gold10k White Gold

Shop our huge collection of 10 mm wedding bands for both men and women. They feature a variety of unique designs and naturally beautiful materials, including meteorite, dinosaur bone, antler and wood. In stock, made to order and fully custom items available. Made in the USA.

Wide rings are perfect if you have larger hands; they are a masculine wedding band option. Keep in mind, most of our made to order rings can be customized in the width you desire. If you'd like to change the width of any of our unique wedding bands, simply contact us