Custom Laser Text Engraving Service


This listing is for laser engraving text only. If you'd like to get a custom image engraving, go to our separate listing for image engraving.

With our text engraving service, we can engrave select symbols with the Monotype, Gulim, Courier, and Arial font options only:

Heart = ♥

Open heart: ♡ (Gulim font only)

Infinity = ∞

Or, with our image engraving service, we can use a digital file to engrave other symbols, icons, logos, etc.

Engrave a heartfelt message, inside joke that only you and your special someone understand, the coordinates for the location where you first met or proposed, your wedding date, or whatever you'd long as it's 25 characters or less.


  • If your ring is 4mm or less, we can only use the Gulim or Cambria fonts.
  • We cannot engrave rings 2mm or thinner.
  • We cannot engrave on materials coated with ring armor (e.g. wood, antler, crushed dino bone) or on mokume.
  • If you are ordering an item crafted in black ceramic or tungsten AND you want to have it engraved, we require that you also purchase a custom sizer. Unlike most other metals, we are unable to remove custom engravings from returned items crafted in black ceramic or tungsten (rendering them of $0 resell value). The purchase of a custom sizer is the best way to ensure your ring is the perfect fit before adding the custom engraving.

Add this listing to your cart, along with the ring you desire, in order to purchase a custom laser text engraving.

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SKU: SRV01IN-Bodoni