Leanne, Johan's daughter, holds the position of Director at Jewelry by Johan (JBJ). Her association with the company began in an informal capacity, and as the company expanded, she stepped into a more official role. She takes on a myriad of responsibilities within JBJ, indicative of the many hats she wears. Her wide-ranging contributions have been instrumental in molding the company into its present form, with her involvement stretching across operations, marketing, sales, customer service, and even design. As the Director, and given her familial ties to Johan, Leanne is entrusted with the strategic decision-making that has been key to the sustained success of JBJ.


How long have you worked here?

In 2009 my Dad asked me to build our very first website, as at the time we were selling on Etsy only, then by 2013, I officially joined the business, working alongside my husband Kevin and my Dad. This marked a significant milestone my professional journey as I contributed to the business's growth and success.

Favorite part of your job?

The aspect of my job that I enjoy the most is helping customers create lasting memories by guiding them in selecting materials and designs that resonate with them.

Favorite jewelry item we offer?

This is my ring! It features a marquise cut diamond halo and matching, contour band that creates my bridal set.

Favorite way(s) to spend your time outside of JBJ?

My husband and I are active in Kwan Nyom Hapkido. Pictured is our Grand Master J. Booth and our Head Instructor Sir Corey Ninneman.

I love spending time with my family, we play a lot of board games, and even take them along to resturants.

We also can be found spending time outdoors, especially in the summer.


I'm the proud owner of a single cat named Annie. She's a lovely Russian Blue, known for her sweet disposition and fondness for cuddles.

The ONE thing you couldn't live without?

The internet is a powerful tool for me as it enables global communication with my family. From my home country of South Africa, I can reach out to my loved ones in South Africa, England, Ireland, and Australia seamlessly.

If you could time travel, where and/or when would you go?

Given the opportunity to time travel, I would venture forward in time. My aim would be to understand the impact of our present decisions and actions, and explore if there's potential to alter our path towards a healthier and more joyful future.


I have two children: James and Tori.

Significant other?

My closest ally and collaborator, Kevin, not only serves as my work partner but is also an integral part of the JBJ team, fulfilling the important role of Director of Production.

If you could, would you go to outer space?

Not a chance!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

If I could possess a superpower, it would be the capability to alleviate pain, anxiety, and other conditions that obstruct joy, essentially granting me the ability to heal others.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

From my viewpoint, a burger remains a burger and a hotdog stays a hotdog; they are separate and unique. There have been occasions when we lacked buns and substituted with bread, but that doesn't magically turn them into sandwiches. The nature of the meat and its accompanying condiments, rather than the form of bread used, ultimately define the dish's identity.

Favorite Disney character?

I grew up on the Disney Characters and never had a favorite. I spent a lot of time reading the Walt Disney Productions Series, my favorite was the Magic Grinder when Lord Gurr is taught a lesson about greed when he takes Minnie's magic grinder.

Your chosen Hogwarts house?

So hard to pick, each house has unique traits that I appreciate, and some I do not. However, if I were to choose probably Hufflepuff.

You have two flat tires, one spare, no cell phone and are in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?

Hopefully I know where we were headed and had an idea of how long we will take to get there, decide who will stay with the vehicle and who will go for help. Also depends on if one would need to travel at night or day, due to temperatures and other hazards.

Do you separate your laundry into like colors?

I don't categorize my laundry by colors due to the constraints of my busy schedule. I simply toss all items together and clean them at low temperatures.

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

One horse sized duck!

Favorite snack?

What character do you pick in Mario Kart?

August 23, 2023

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