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Wedding Ring Ideas for Music Lovers

June 15, 2018 4 min read

Wedding Ring Ideas for Music Lovers

You love music and you’ve found that special person who makes your heart sing! Read on to see some amazing rings for musicians that perfectly represent your love AND personality.

Guitar String Rings

In these designs, a real guitar string is incorporated into the band. You can supply your own string or use any of our in stock options that come in a variety of colors, including yellow, white and rose finishes.

Guitar String Ring with Bolivian Rosewood

Opt for a simple style featuring your guitar string paired with a beautiful wood such as Bolivian rosewood.

Meteorite Ring with Guitar String

Or, go with an authentic meteorite ring for YOUR rock star.

Meteorite Ring with Ebony Wood and Guitar String

This guitar string ring has dark ebony wood beside fluorescent neon guitar string.

Purple Wood Ring, Guitar String Ring

Add a pop of color with an exotic box elder burl wood guitar string ring. Our wood options include purple, blue, green, red and other colorful burl woods.

Wood Wedding Bands for Musicians

There are so many woods used in the creation of instruments. Each has its own unique look, but more importantly, each has its own unique acoustical properties that significantly impact sound.

Rosewood Wedding Rings

In the late 60s, Fender crafted several instruments using hand-selected rosewood. These were made in short supply and are now highly sought after by collectors. It’s reported that Jimi Hendrix had one of the first Rosewood Stratocaster guitars. In 1969, George Harrison played a Rosewood Telecaster while recording Let It Be during the famous Apple Records rooftop concert.

Black Ceramic Wedding Band with Meteorite and Wood

The dark grain of rosewood pairs nicely with etched meteorite.

Deer Antler Ring, Wood Wedding Band in Titanium

For the musician who is also a hunter or outdoor lover, we’ve got antler and wood rings.

Wood Engagement Ring and Wedding Band, Wood Bridal Set

For the rock and roll couple, these wedding ring sets both have coordinating inlays of rosewood.Text

Rosewood Wedding Set

This custom ring set features a black diamond as the solitaire stone instead of the blue topaz used in the original rosewood engagement ring design. This is a great representation of how all of our designs can be changed to better fit your style and personality! The tungsten rosewood wedding band shown can also be created in other metal options.

Ebony Wood Rings

Made somewhat famous by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder in their number one single “Ebony and Ivory,” this durable hardwood was historically used for pianos and is still commonly used in contemporary instrument components, including fret boards and tailpieces on stringed instruments. With the exception of higher end piano models, ebony wood is rarely used for sharp and flat keys; plastic is used as an alternative as it is easy to mold, affordable and durable.

This unique, custom ring design features ebony wood, white enamel to represent the ivory and a customer-supplied piano string.

Meteorite Ring for Men, Ebony Wood and Black Ceramic Wedding Band

This ring pairs dark ebony wood with the light grey tones of gibeon meteorite.

Wood Wedding Band Set

Purple heart wood contrasts beautifully with the ebony wood in these matching wedding bands.

Meteorite Ring with Sandblasted Titanium

Ebony wood + meteorite is a popular combination. Here is a much loved wedding band design featuring sandblasted titanium.

Yellow Gold Wedding Band, Eternity Wedding Ring with Black and White Diamonds

For the musician who likes a little more bling, this ebony wood ring has an eternity band of alternating black and white diamonds and is crafted in yellow gold.

Hammered Finish Titanium Ring, Wedding Band with Wood Sleeve

Mahogany Wood Rings

Mahogany is commonly used for the back, sides, and necks of instruments of the mandolin and guitar families. This beautiful, dark wood is also used in the crafting of the solid bodies of guitars, such as these top five Mahogany Guitars.

Maple Wedding Rings

Maple is a very popular wood used in the creation of a variety of contemporary instruments. It’s commonly used for the backs and sides of violins. Most of Fender’s electric guitars are crafted with maple necks because it is one of the most stable tonewoods. Piano frames are usually made of maple. Lastly, it is by far one of the most typical hardwood used for high quality snare shells.

Wood Wedding Band, African Blackwood Ring

This wood wedding band pairs maple with African blackwood, which is also commonly found in high end instruments.

Maple Wood Ring, Unique Bridal Set

This yellow gold engagement ring and titanium wedding band with a coordinating yellow gold pinstripe both feature a maple wood inlay.

Drum Rings

This wedding band design takes things to a whole other level with its use of wood AND its handcrafted design that closely resembles a drum shell. We can also create this design using black stardust or a variety of other enamel colors.

Drum Ring Design

Vinyl Ring, Music Ring Design in Titanium

Vinyl Record Ring

Express your passion for the vintage sound of vinyl records by making a ring out of an LP! You have the option of supplying your own. Engrave the inner sleeve with your favorite lyrics to make it even more personalized.

Creative Engraving Ideas for Your Musician’s Ring

Our free laser text engraving add-on is the perfect way to make your wedding ring EVEN more special. As long as your ring design of choice has a metal sleeve (e.g. wood sleeve rings can’t be engraved), you can add a personal message, special sentiment or favorite song lyric (25 characters is our limit). Here are a few lyrics to get you started.

  • All of me loves all of u

  • Thank you for loving me

  • You’re still the one

  • And there you were

  • I’m so in love with you

  • Here’s to us

  • I’ll follow you down

  • Thick and thin

  • I know you are the reason

  • U give me a reason 2 love

  • It couldn’t be any better

  • You’re the inspiration

Check out our past blog post Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas for even more inspiration.

We hope that we’ve helped you discover new and ways to incorporate your love of music into your wedding jewelry. If you’d like assistance creating your dream rings, contact our designers or use our online appointment scheduler to book an in-person consultation at our design center.

Want more ideas of how to incorporate your love of music into your wedding day? Visit Jewelry by Johan on Pinterest where we have a Rock and Roll Wedding Inspiration board. It features ideas for attire, table settings, cakes, flowers, photos and much more.

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