It’s mid-April, there’s snow on the ground and it feels like Spring and wedding season will never arrive. But we know it will and are offering some inspiration for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to pop the question or are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Our mission is to provide customers with rings that perfectly represent their personalities and lifestyles and these wedding ring ideas are geared towards those who appreciate nature and all of its natural beauty.

Engagement Rings for Nature Lovers

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that strays from traditional and fits with your partner’s outdoor loving personality, consider a wood or antler engagement ring. You can choose from our selection of naturally shed antler OR provide your own to make your ring all the more special.

Choose your favorite gemstone and pair it with one of our many wood options for engagement rings, or provide us with your own sentimental wood, and the result is the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse who adores the outdoors!

We’ve got wood solitaire engagement rings that feature a single gemstone. This design has our lotus prong setting that resembles, as you may have guessed, a lotus flower.

Or, do you prefer a single stone with a more traditional prong setting and lighter wood?

And, we’ve got wood engagement ring designs that you won’t find anywhere else such as this tension set sapphire ring.

Every specimen of our naturally shed antler boasts a very unique pattern and color. When you order an antler engagement ring, you can request light or dark and, as with all of our engagement rings, you can choose your preferred gemstone to be used in your ring. Read the amazing story behind the ring of Wally and Jamie; their romance began with a bow hunting weekend and things came full circle when he proposed with a custom antler bridal set crafted using the antler from an 8-point trophy buck he shot that same day.

Unique Wedding Bands for Men Who Love the Outdoors

You don’t have to scale mountains to appreciate the unique design of our mountain wedding bands. The silver pinstripe is shaped like the peaks and valleys of a mountain and it can be framed by a variety of materials that represent the earth, air or water.

Turquoise is a popular choice to represent a clear, daytime sky.

In contrast, lapis lazuli perfectly symbolizes a starry night. The second ring shown in this image features crushed dinosaur bone and oak wood.

Blue mokume has a color and swirling pattern that resembles flowing water. Or, a stormy sky.

All of our mountain wedding bands can be customized with the wood option of your choice, or you can supply your own wood material. Mountain rings can be crafted in a round or flat ring profile.

Minimalistic and exuding natural beauty, a simple wood wedding ring is a perfect choice for any lover of the outdoors. With a variety of wood options and metal pairing combinations to choose from, including rare burl woods, you should be able to find one you like.

Wood rings can be made in any precious metal, such as this rose gold wood ring.

Lighter wood options for rings include aspen and olive.

Our most sought after dark wood options include ebony, which is nearly black with very little grain pattern, and rosewood.

It’s common for outdoorsy guys to enjoy an adult beverage after a day in the woods and, for those partial to Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, we’ve got an amazing selection of whiskey barrel oak rings to choose from.

This ring is designed to have the look of a barrel using the multiple pinstripes.

Flower Petal Rings

Our flower rings feature the flowers of your choice sealed within our Ring Armor coating, which is clear, extremely durable and water-resistant. Opt for your favorite flower or provide us with a sentimental flower from a special occasion or memorable event.

Coordinating Wedding Ring Sets for Outdoorsy Couples

You consider yourselves to be the perfect pair, why not create an ideal set of wedding rings that suits your fresh air-loving personalities?

We can handcraft matching his and her wood wedding rings in your wood choice. Choose complimentary bands; hers can be paired with a coordinating engagement ring or a more traditional or an all-metal ring with no inlay

Antler Wedding Ring Sets

Similar to our wood rings, we can create coordinating antler rings, including bridal sets and wedding bands, with the same antler.

This custom bridal set not only has an antler inlay in both rings, but the incredibly unique prong setting on the antler engagement ring is shaped like antlers, too.

We hope that we’ve helped you discover ways to incorporate your love of the outdoors into your wedding jewelry. If you’d like assistance creating your dream rings, contact our designers who can answer all of your questions

Continue to be inspired with more woodland wedding ideas by visiting Jewelry by Johan on Pinterest where we have a Nature Wedding Ideas board. It features ideas for table settings, cakes, flowers, photos and much more.

April 18, 2018


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