Mindy Sue Hoff was a beautiful white Schnoodle. She was born on December 30, 2002 on a small family farm in greater Southwestern Minnesota, just a stone’s throw away from the South Dakota, and Iowa borders. On the day we were introduced to Mindy, the planets must have aligned. From the first moment we gazed upon the little apricot fluff ball, we knew we needed to invite her into our lives. Mindy was affectionately known by many nicknames. Little lady, MNDOT, Minders and White Fury to name just a few.

 Mindy Sue and Owner

Mindy accompanied us on many of our journeys throughout her life.

She was only a youngster when we got married. Together we celebrated our bond with her
on that special day. She pranced around the marina all day long, greeting everyone with a wag of her tail and a smile.

Dog in Photo at Wedding

Mindy enjoyed exploring every new opportunity that was presented, whether it be
a new yard, marina or guest. Her sniffer was always on.

Mindy was a very smart dog, and an attention seeker. She enjoyed trying to figure out how to get in between my wife and I each time we sat next to each other, whether it was on the couch, in the car, or in bed. She would often lay directly on top of one of us if there was no room. When one of us got up for whatever reason, Mindy quickly adopted that spot as her own before you had time to get back.

She always wanted to keep track of us. To be where we were at, and know what we were doing always. Whether it was out in the yard. Stepping out of the shower, or simply watching a movie. There was always a greeting when she found us.

She enjoyed harassing the cats, and trying to eat all the food before they could get to it.
She very much enjoyed cuddling up with both of us no matter where we were. One of her favorite pass times was going for rides. Although she enjoyed car rides with the window down, and loved to go to the grocery store with us. She most enjoyed going for rides with my Dad in his diesel truck. The sound and vibration truck made as it percolated down the road would lull her into a restful sleep. She even had her own pillow to enjoy!

My Dad often took care of Mindy while my wife and I were at work. He would take her for truck rides up to the bank, where she would greet the tellers. In turn, they would generously provide her a small milk bone. Most of these were never eaten, but were carefully placed between or under the seats for a rainy day. (You never know when the world supply of milk bones may run out.

For many years, we would drop off Mindy with my Dad next door before leaving for work. She kept him company following my Mom’s death. Together they tried to solve the world’s problems. (Although I believe she also found it a bonus when my Dad spoiled her with treats) Mindy always had a keen sense of time. She would jump up on my Dad’s shoulder and look out the window at the same time each day, rain or shine, expecting to see our vehicles pull into the driveway.

It was very hard on Mindy after my Dad suddenly passed away two years ago.

Her routine had changed, along with our lives. She was sad for many months afterward. Each time we would open the door to let her out, she would run next door hoping to see Grandpa and perhaps get a truck ride and a treat. In the months that followed, no matter how sad she was, she always provided
unconditional love and support. We will always remember how much she offered.

Her new routine kept her at our house. Where she enjoyed lying on top of the chairs and couch like a cat. Many mornings when we left for work, she would turn her back to us. Upset no doubt we couldn’t stay and hang out. Other days it almost seemed like she had a sly grin, letting us know she didn’t have to go to work.

Although she wasn’t a noisy dog, she would none the less make it be known to the neighborhood each time we let her outside that this was her house.


Our memories of Mindy are vast.

No matter how bad your day was. Mindy was
always there to greet you with excitement. We were fortunate have had such a loyal friend to share life’s journeys with, and blessed we were given the opportunity to care for her while she was here.

On October 9, 2017. Mindy was invited back home. On that day, the world lost an ambassador of love and devotion. And we lost a very gentle soul who never asked for anything… but gave everything.

The pet memorial rings are a symbol of our bond with her. Of an undying love, we shared with her. Now, we will each carry a small piece of her and her memories forward, along with all the funny, sad and extraordinary days we shared together. Her impact on our lives will forever be etched in our hearts and souls. She brought a timeless joy that will never diminish.

Go get Grandpa little girl…

Pet Memorial Ring Set


A special thanks to Janetta for her guidance and patience during our selection process. Please thank the staff as well for providing a warm, welcoming environment. And last, but certainly not least, please thank the jewelry artisans at Jewelry by Johan for crafting such beautiful rings as a memorial to Mindy. She will never be apart from us again.