Centuries ago there were great expeditions for three valuable things. God, in the spread of Christianity overseas. Glory, in the search to discover new world wonders. But above all there was the search abroad for one thing: Gold. With a long and righteous history it is difficult to focus on one period of search for gold – But in particular in the 1500's during the expedition for the three G's it was the most interesting. First there was the one-sided wars of the Aztecs. Then there was the treacherous back stabbery of the Incas. The center of all this; gold and the people who wanted it.

Conquistadors land on the Aztec shore, in search of the glorious element of the gods. Their leader Cortez quickly burns all of his ships to prevent his men from running away from their fate. This fate was a war with the native Aztec people, for there was gold to be pillaged. The Aztec people folded like paper under the conquistadors, and the gold was theirs for the taking. But such an alluring element brought Spain it's need for more. Next in the sights of a gold-thirsty Spain was the Incas. This time the conquistadors forced the Incan government to work for them in their search for gold. The leader, Atahualpa, promised the men gold if they left. According to legend Atahualpa agreed to fill a large room twice with gold and again with other treasures. Of course, the pressured king followed through – but the gold-hungry men did not. Rather than leaving, the Spaniards rifled through the town for whatever golden treasures it may still have.
Today, however, there are more civilized ways to obtain the element of riches. With such an arduous and ambitious history, gold is something that the hunters of yesteryear would have never dreamed of finding so simply. Today we can easily achieve one of the elusive three big G's of the 1500's. With Jewelry by Johan we don't have to sail abroad to find historical riches. Gold is something for everyone to share, wear, and admire; in both its history and beauty.
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