Campo Del Cielo Meteorite 20" Necklace


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Accessorize like the stars with this cosmic meteorite necklace! This men's or women’s sterling silver pendant holds a small chunk of the Campo del Cielo meteorite, which was discovered in Northeast Argentina. The meteorite created a total of 26 craters in the region. 

The name Campo del Cielo – which is Spanish for “Field of Heaven” refers to a group of iron meteorites or to the area where they were found situated on the border between the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero, 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. These meteorites, the heaviest group ever discovered on earth were only reported in 1576. Long before being reported officially and documented, the aboriginal inhabitants knew the “Field of Heaven” and its many craters well. The natives used these iron-based stones for their weapons and worshiped these stones from the sky. Spanish explorers doubted that these stones had fallen from space and assumed they came from a volcanic eruption. However, today we know these stones are 100% from space and definitely something worth worshiping!

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Campo del Cielo Meteorite
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: Varies*
Bail Opening Width: 3.25 mm**

20″ Rope Chain Necklace
Metal: Sterling Silver
Length: 20 Inches
Width: .85 mm
Clasp: Spring Ring
Finish: Polished

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*Please note that the meteorite pendants are natural products that vary in size and shape.

*This pendant’s bail is quite small. The pendant comes with our  20″ Rope Chain Necklace, however, our 18″ Box Chain Necklace will also fit through this bail if you’re looking to purchase an additional chain.

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