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Lapis Lazuli

Step into a world where the midnight sky meets elegant craftsmanship with our Lapis Lazuli jewelry collection. Renowned for its deep celestial blue hues, each piece in our collection is a testament to the timeless beauty and mystical appeal of this ancient stone. Revered since antiquity, Lapis Lazuli brings a touch of royal splendor and wisdom to every adornment. Our handpicked selection features rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, each echoing the stone's connection to the heavens above. Whether set in silver's luminous embrace or gold's warm glow, Lapis Lazuli transforms every piece into a statement of elegance and enchantment. Perfect for those who seek jewelry with a story, our collection promises not just an accessory, but a piece of the universe itself.

Customer reviews

I absolutely love my ring! It's unique and exactly what I was looking for. Ring aside, the JBJ team is amazing to work with.
— Devon Whitehead (via Google)
Just received my fiancés ring today!! It’s everything and more that I wanted!! He LOVES it. If I could rate them a 10 I would.
— Jena Mckenzie Hunt (via Facebook)
Really cool company with really unique materials and designs, plus excellent customer service. Special thanks to Ruth and Kirstin for all your help.
— Jason Takahashi (via Google)
My husbands wedding band is exquisite. It’s quality work without being too heavy and it honestly is nicer than the pictures. Great customer service and fantastic craftsmanship.
— Kristina Feye (via Facebook)
Beautiful ring! The quality is excellent. The seller was extremely communicative and helpful in answering my questions.
— Britt (via Etsy)
I’m so glad that we got rings from here. The sizing process was straightforward and easy, and when the rings arrived they fit perfectly! They are very high quality and I couldn’t be happier.
— Holly (via WeddingWire)