Mokume Rings

Mokume gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) translates to “wood grain metal” and mokume wedding rings crafted using this material are truly a work of art. The ancient process used to spin together metals to produce a mesmerizing design that resembles the appearance of wood grain was first introduced in 17th-century Japan and was utilized for crafting swords. At Jewelry by Johan, we offer two different styles of mokume gane rings: classic and composite. Classic mokume follows the traditional methods used to combine fine metals. Composite mokume, a lower-cost option than traditional, is created using a new composite material which is made with up to 95% of real metal that has been atomized down to the molecular level and combined with special chemical binders. Mokume dinosaur bone rings and mokume meteorite rings are both popular pairing choices for men's wedding bands.

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