Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Men's Wedding Band
From $395.00
Titanium14k Rose Gold14k Yellow Gold14k White Gold+ 1 more
Meteorite & Whiskey Barrel Wood Wedding Band with Gold Pinstripe
Rose Gold PinstripeWhite Gold PinstripeYellow Gold Pinstripe
Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Ring, 3mm Band
From $395.00
14k White Gold14k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldTitaniumPlatinum+ 2 more
Our whiskey barrel oak collection features whiskey barrel rings and other manly accessories, including cuff links, featuring this beautiful wood. We also have whiskey barrel beads that can be worn on a charm bracelet or necklace chain. All of our wood jewelry items, including wood wedding bands and wood engagement rings, are coated with a proprietary coating that makes water-resistant and very durable.