You think your future spouse is pretty extraordinary – their wedding band can be, too. Couples no longer have to settle for mass manufactured rings that don’t capture their personal styles. Best of all, contrary to popular belief, creating custom wedding bands is very easy and usually costs less. Follow the steps below to create a unique wedding band (or a pair of complimentary masterpieces), all your own.

Important Tip:  Plan-ahead! Many custom jewelers have a lead-time of 4-6 weeks.  


This article covers all wedding bands. If you're looking for more detailed information on wedding band ideas and options that traditionally pair with engagement rings, check out our Ultimate Guide to Women's Wedding Bands, too.

You probably already have a general idea of what kind of wedding band you want, but to ensure you know all of your options, take some time to browse a few jewelers online or in store to get an idea of the wedding band styles that you like.  Pinterest is also an extensive, user-friendly resource for wedding band inspiration. Keep in mind, because you’re designing your own rings, the possibilities are endless.  


Ladies, do you want a shadow band that conforms to the shape of your gemstone engagement ring or are you going for a stackable look that can be achieved with a flush band? Or, do you already have your complete bridal set, but need a band for your future spouse that coordinates with your ring AND fits his or her style?

Shadow (aka curved) Band for Engagement Ring

Flush Band for Engagement Ring

Opt for the same material inlaid in both his and her bands.

Use a pinstripe for a more subtle way to match an engagement ring.

Coordinate the same material elements in different ring designs.


Wedding band styles are endless, but here are some visual examples of designs that are most popular with our customers. From simple to complex, there’s something for everyone.

All Metal

Material Sleeve

Single Inlay, Centered

Single Inlay, Offset

Material Overlay

Double Inlay

Double Inlay, Offset

Double Inlay, Pinstripe

Center Pinstripe

Offset Pinstripe

Double Pinstripe

Three+ Material


When you’re looking for a ring, a key piece to consider is your preferred shape, or more technically speaking, your preferred ring profile. The images below show the three ring profile options for ring designs with inlays. View more ring profile options.

Domed Wedding Band

Round / Domed Profile

Meteorite Ring With Flat Profile

Flat Profile

Wedding Band With Beveled Edges

Beveled Profile


The ring width is another important style element to consider. The most common widths for simple metal bands: women’s 4mm, men’s 6mm. Wedding bands coordinated with a gemstone engagement ring average 1.5mm. An easy way to get a visual idea of ring width is to use US nickels. One US nickel is 2mm wide, so if you want to get an accurate idea of how wide a 6mm wedding band will be, stack 3 nickels and you can easily see!

Men's Ring Widths

Men's Size 10 Wedding Band

Women's Ring Widths

Women's Size 7 Wedding Band


Once you’ve decided on a general design of interest, you need to decide on metal and materials to make it complete. If you’re coordinating with your partner’s ring, it can make metal selection a no-brainer. However, other factors like lifestyle and metal allergies should still be factored in to your final choices.


If you like to follow suit with contemporary trends, popular ring metal choices today are rose gold, white gold and titanium. Regardless, there are endless possibilities for both precious and alternative metals for wedding bands such as silver, tungsten, cobalt, or ceramic. If you need a hypoallergenic ring metal, opt for titanium.

Wedding Band Metal Types

Here’s a helpful link to more detailed information on all of your metal choices for rings.


The ring finish will greatly impact the final look of your ring. The finish refers to your chosen metal’s appearance and texture. Opt for a classic polished ring for a nice, clean look. Or something a little more rustic like a sandblasted or hammered finish may better-suit your style.

Polished finish wedding band


Matte / Satin

Brushed finish wedding band


Sandblasted finish wedding band


The rings above show popular options for titanium and gold. Learn more about all of your ring finish options.


Here at Jewelry by Johan, we offer natural materials, including meteorite, deer antler (send us yours or use one of our naturally shed specimens), and even dinosaur bone. Almost all of our materials are available in multiple colors or varieties, so be sure to check out our education center for more in-depth information and imagery. Here are some images of rings that highlight our most popular material options.

You can shop rings by material and use the filters for metal, width, profile, etc. to find your perfect ring.


Dinosaur Bone

Multiple Color Options

Deer Antler

Multiple Color Options

Petrified Wood

Whiskey Barrel Oak



Box Elder
Burl Wood

Multiple Color Options

We have over 100 wood species to choose from or you can supply your own wood. View the complete list of wood options.

To see items containing a specific species of wood not linked above, use the site search to search by the wood's name.

Lapis Lazuli

Synthetic Opal

Multiple Color Options


Multiple Color Options

Mokume Gane

Multiple Color Options

Important tip: If you are planning on engraving a message on your ring, ask your custom jeweler what materials can be engraved. For example, a wood inner sleeve can not be engraved.

Don't forget that with wood and antler inlays, you are always welcome to supply your own material for an added layer of sentimental value. Of course, you are also free to choose from our collections of naturally-shed deer antler or sustainably-sourced wood specimens. There's no upcharge either way!

In addition, we have over 100 wood options to choose from OR you can send us your sentimental piece of wood for use in your item. Check out our blog 60 Ideas for Items to Use in Custom Wood Jewelry for some inspiration.


If desired, you could incorporate your favorite color or your birthstone into your wedding band. Examples of colorful gemstone options for rings include blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst, or yellow sapphire. Check out our Guide to Colored Gemstones for more information.


Bezel Set, Single

Bezel Set, Multiple

Flush Set

Half Eternity


Eternity + Inlay


After you’ve got a general idea of what you want, determine a comfortable price range. You’re probably wondering why this isn’t the first step, but there’s a good reason why. When you’re designing custom rings, there is a lot of flexibility with materials of varying costs that can still give you the look and style desired. That’s why we suggest falling in love with a ring style and THEN working with a jeweler who can make it happen.

For example, if you love the look of platinum, you can craft a virtually identical ring with silver or titanium for a lower price WITHOUT sacrificing the design you want. Similarly, gemstones of similar colors are interchangeable; a white sapphire or moissanite can be used in lieu of a more costly diamond. Or, provide your own gemstone and cut your price down even more.

Titanium Meteorite Ring vs. Platinum Meteorite Ring

Tension set ring


Jewelry design sketch

Once you have an idea of your ring design, bring your idea – sketch it or print out similar photos and mark them up– to a custom jeweler who can work with you to design your rings. You’ll want to find a jeweler who will listen and make you feel comfortable and confident that they are going to create exactly what you want. You should never feel stupid asking too many questions – it’s their job to be the experts and educate you in the process.

A good way to gauge the quality of a jeweler’s work and to determine if they have top-notch customer service is to Google them. You’ll likely see reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Also, ask your friends and relatives for a referral to a jeweler they’ve had a good experience with.


Mandrel for measuring ring size

Once you’ve found a jeweler, they can determine your ring size, which is very important as most custom jewelry, especially those with inlays, can’t be resized. We highly recommend visiting at least two separate jewelers to ensure that you have the right ring size before ordering your final ring. Here's more information on how to get your accurate ring size. In addition, the width you choose for your ring will impact its final size.


As mentioned earlier, the production of a custom ring can sometimes take weeks, so be sure to order your custom ring at least 2 months before your wedding day to ensure its delivery in advance of your special day, especially if you’re purchasing an item from someone in another country.  

After the ring finds its home on your finger, you can wear it with pride knowing that no one else in the world has anything like it. And it’s okay to brag and tell everyone that you designed a remarkable work of wearable art that perfectly represents your love story.