Every year we anxiously await the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year. This color not only sets the tone for what is to come in the fashion industry for the upcoming year, but also gives us here at Jewelry by Johan insight for new, custom wedding jewelry designs, gemstone trends, and demand for material options. Prepare to be ultra inspired by some ultra violet wedding inspiration!

This vibrant color has steered us in a completely different direction from last year’s color of the year, Greenery. Thanks to Greenery, 2017 weddings were full of nature-inspired hues, drumming up excitement over ferns, succulents and organic patterns.

Pantone® tells us that Ultra Violet is “inventive and imaginative...lights the way to what is yet to come,” and “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

That’s deep, Pantone®.

Ultra Violet has officially enhanced our excitement for 2018. We can’t wait to see how the vibrant hue squeezes its way into every aspect of the wedding industry, especially the wedding jewelry!

We’ve scoured the internet looking for Ultra Violet inspiration and hand-picked our favorite wedding images and ideas. Take a look below and start pinning to your Wedding Board on Pinterest... we know you have one!

Ultra Violet- Inspired Color Schemes

Ultra Violet can be pretty all by itself, but pair it with another hue like baby blue or silver to soften the mind blowing color and your wedding guests will be Oo-ing and Ah-ing over your color scheme.

First, choose your purple shade.

Shades of purple

Photo Cred: indulgy.com

Then, choose your complementary colors.


Green and purple wedding colors

Photo Cred: elegantweddinginvites


plum tie gray suit wedding inspiration

Green & Maroon

Green & Gold

Navy & Gold

Summer Reds, Oranges, & Greens

Purple Wedding Bouquets and Table Centerpieces

Whether you’re into roses, lavender, or hydrangeas, ultra violet can be worked into your wedding flowers in any tint you choose! Go with a shockingly bold purple hue with lisianthus or deep purple carnations to turn your wedding photos from bland to beautiful! Check out The Knot's great article to give you an idea of what flowers will be in season for your upcoming nuptials; "Complete Guide to Wedding Flowers".

purple flower and candle center piece

Photo Cred: Deer Pearl Flowers

purple flower bouquet

Photo Cred: Jacqueline Ahne

rustic flower bottle center display

Photo Cred: Forever Rustic

Black green and purple flower bouquet

Photo Cred: PerfectWeddingInspirations

Lavender flower glass vases

Photo Cred: TheWeddingPlaybook

rustic box flower tower

Photo Cred: MODWedding

Purple agate custom centerpieces

Photo Cred: Seniman Calligraphy

Ultra-violet Inspired Wedding Wardrobe

If you want your wedding to be all about the ultra violet color of the year, the best way to do it is to put it on your wedding party! Purple looks good on just about anyone, so choose one shade or have each of your bridesmaids select a personal favorite violet tint for a gorgeous array of purple beauties. For the groom and groomsmen, give them a pop of ultra violet on their ties, pocket squares, boutineers or even some busy, patterned socks to make for a fun photo op!

Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

violet bridesmaid dresses

Photo Cred: Wedding Regal

white wedding dress with violet tail hues

Photo Cred: Huffington Post

purple wedding inspiration

Photo Cred: ginacristineweddings

Purple Groom Accessories and Accents

purple gray groomsman suits

Photo Cred: katelynjamesblog

plum tie gray suit

Photo Cred: Asheley Brown

grey groomsman suits purple socks

Photo Cred: Famous Outfits

Purple Wedding Jewelry

Add a pop of ultra violet to your hand with a Purple Box Elder Burl, Tanzanite, Alexandrite, or Amethyst wedding ring! If you have a special gemstone or sentimental material that you want to incorporate into your wedding band or engagement ring, we can work with you to do just that.

With its beautiful, swirling texture, our box elder burl wood is dyed an energetic hue of purple and hand-placed into many of our unique, wood wedding ring designs. See just a few of our favorites below.

Rarer than a diamond, Tanzanite is only found in one place on Earth. First found in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it is one of the few gemstones that has been discovered in the last century. Tanzanites variate in color, ranging from deep blues to vivid violets. Being pleochroic, the color of the stone appears different depending on which angle you are viewing it. Extraordinary birthstones for December, Tanzanites are as stunning as they are unique.

These mystifying stones change in their color depending on direct lighting. Blue-green by day and under direct sunlight, red by night and while influenced by glowing fire. Alexandrites have a relaxing tone of luminous purple under typical lighting. This June birthstone is more than what it seems. It is exceptional for anyone, and a perfect gem for any lover of the outdoors.

Amethysts are believed to be healing, helping to calm your spirit. This February birthstone is of the highest quality, while not breaking the bank. Due to a large deposit being found in Brazil, the cost of amethysts is modest, while still keeping the natural wonder of any gemstone. The most vibrantly purple gemstone known, wonderful for the lavender enthusiast.

Depending on your taste, ultra violet is a great enrichment to your wedding style. Being able to match it with many various complementary colors allows it to blend with your preference. This color of the year is able to stand out among the crowd, brightening anything that surrounds it. Everything from the flowers and centerpieces to your wardrobe, ultra violet has it all. Including stunning one of a kind jewelry. Jewelry by Johan will help you make beautiful violet inspired custom jewelry, unique to you. Speak to a design consultant today, and create something special.

Get even more purple wedding inspiration on our Pinterest board that's dedicated to all things purple.

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