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Meteorite Rings & Custom Wedding Bands

Meteorite rings are stellar (pun intended). We have an amazing selection of meteorite engagement ring designs and our meteorite men's meteorite wedding bands are one-of-a-kind. The majority of our meteorite jewelry is created using billion year old, Gibeon meteorite. A perfect element to symbolize how your love will persevere through space and time! Make your ring exude ancient beauty by choosing a meteorite and dinosaur bone ring from our collection.

If you're looking for a unique gift, shop meteorite necklaces and earrings. We've also got unique meteorite suiting accessories including cufflinks and tie clips. Learn more about the amazing meteorite in our jewelry by visiting our meteorite education center.

And be wary of sellers who use fake meteorite; learn how to tell if it's fake meteorite in jewelry in our blog.

We guarantee our meteorite is 100% authentic. All of our items containing it will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.

About Gibeon Meteorite

Gibeon meteorite's unique properties make it a coveted choice for jewelry crafting. Its high nickel content lends it exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity in jewelry pieces. 

Moreover, its distinctive Widmanstätten patterns, formed by slow cooling over millions of years, create mesmerizing and irreplicable designs, adding an unparalleled allure to rings, pendants, and other adornments. Its rarity and extraterrestrial origin further enhance its desirability, making Gibeon meteorite jewelry both a statement of style and a fascinating conversation piece.

Learn More About Meteorite Engagement Rings & Bands

Meteorite engagement and wedding bands offer a captivating symbol of eternal love, blending the timeless allure of meteorite material with the symbolism of commitment. These bands symbolize the enduring strength and cosmic connection between partners.

Where do we source our Gibeon meteorite from?

We source the meteorite used in our jewelry from a reputable meteorite supplier in the US. All meteorite used comes with a guarantee of authenticity.

How do I care for my meteorite jewelry?

With our meteorite care kit, you can use our de-corroder solution to remove any rust or corrosion that may develop on the surface of the meteorite due to exposure to moisture or environmental factors. This helps maintain the integrity and appearance of the jewelry. 

Then, applying a wax polish creates a protective barrier to shield the meteorite from further oxidation and ensure its long-term preservation. Regular application of these treatments helps keep meteorite jewelry looking pristine while safeguarding its unique properties for years to come.

What sets Jewelry by Johan’s meteorite wedding rings apart? 

Founded in 2008, Jewelry by Johan has been creating exquisite wedding rings, engagement rings, and jewelry with unique materials from the very beginning.

We’re based in the United States and source many of our exotic materials - like our stunning Gibeon meteorite - from here as well. With over 80,000 satisfied couples globally, we guarantee quality jewelry for every occasion.