Jewelry Care

Care and Cleaning

After purchasing jewelry, you want to be sure that it stays just as beautiful as the day you bought it for a very long time. Your jewelry, no matter the material, can last a lifetime with our help. In order to ensure that your jewelry will stand the test of time, follow the instructions below to care for your meteorite, dinosaur bone, antler and wood jewelry.

Meteorite Jewelry Cleaning and Care

Meteorite is an iron based material and does have the potential to rust. Jewelry by Johan uses Gibeon Meteorite which is considered to be one of the more stable Meteorite types. We want to keep your Meteorite as safe as possible from rusting – so here is some of our knowledge of how to take care of a ring that shows signs of rusting. Care must be taken to keep meteorite away from chemicals (chlorine, bleach, swimming pools, etc.) especially anything with an acid in it. Below are instructions on how to remove the rust.

Materials Needed:

1 Toothbrush (Old or New)     Paper Towels/Soft Cloth     Gunmetal Oil

90% Rubbing Alcohol     1 Small cup

Step 1:Place the ring in the small cup and fully submerge with the Alcohol, let it soak for 30 minutes, gently scrub the meteorite with the toothbrush.

Step 2:Remove the ring from the alcohol and dab dry with a paper towel; then air dry for at least 15-20 minutes.

Step 3:Apply a small amount of Gunmetal Oil to the Toothbrush, and scrub the meteorite gently. Wipe off excess oil with the paper towel or cloth. Repeat above steps if necessary. Gunmetal oil is an easy way to repel water and keep your ring safe!

How to Take Care of Meteorite Rings That Include Stones, Lapidary, and Ring Armor Materials

If your ring includes both meteorite AND lapidary (diamonds, gems, and other stones), then you will just need to be sure to tape off the lapidary sections of your ring with high-quality, waterproof or electrician’s tape before caring for the meteorite with the instructions explained above. Do not submerge the lapidary section in alcohol. You can use a cotton swab to apply the alcohol, instead of submerging completely. This also applies to materials with Ring Armor, such as wood and crushed stone inlays.

Minimize scratches and prevent damage by storing your jewelry in individual small plastic bags or in separate compartments of your jewelry box.

To remove rust and repel moisture from your meteorite jewelry, we recommend purchasing our Meteorite Care Kit along with your ring purchase. Click on the link for more information.

Unfortunately, if there is damage or rust with the meteorite in your jewelry, we cannot be held responsible once it has left our possession (if the problem/damage is not reported within 24 hours of receiving the meteorite, calculated from the date and time on the Delivery notice). This is because we have no control over how the jewelry has been handled once it is owned by you. What we CAN tell you is that all of our meteorite rings ship out completely rust-free.  

Meteorite Re-Etching

The Widmanstätten pattern of your meteorite ring may become less sharp over time. If this occurs, the ring can be re-etched. Etching— as it relates to iron meteorites— is simply the process of revealing the metal's hidden crystalline structure. This structure is called a Widmanstätten pattern. This pattern is unique to meteorites and no two meteorites display the same exact pattern.

If your ring's Widmanstättenetching is becoming dull, simply let us know and mail it to us for a free re-etching.

Dinosaur Bone Jewelry Care And Cleaning

Dinosaur bone may have survived for millions of years, but it's not immune to damage from reckless handling. To keep the gembone looking beautiful, avoid exposure to acidic elements and polishing agents. Cleaning or soaking in alcohol is not recommended.

Be very careful not to hit your dinosaur bone jewelry against a hard surface. It could chip or break like any other stone.

Washing your ring with a mild soap is the only maintenance dinosaur bone should ever require.

Wood, Pet Memorial ashes, and Deer Antler Care and Cleaning

Wood jewelry is maintained by keeping it away from water. Antler jewelry also shares this concern, since both are very porous materials. If wood absorbs water it swells slightly like a sponge – and once it dries, it shrinks as the water evaporates. This constant warping of the material can lead to the wood developing cracks.

We’ll help protect your wood, pet memorial, and antler jewelry and maintain their beauty. With all of these materials, we apply our Ring Armor Waterproofing free of charge. This complementary solution protects wood and antler jewelry from the threats of water while also boosting its overall durability for everyday use. Even with the Ring Armor applied, it's best to avoid unnecessary exposure or submersion in liquids. If the Ring Armor on your wood or antler ring begins to show signs of wear, let us know and we'll make it right. Please do not try to fix it yourself with a varnish or wax!

If your wood pet memorial ashes, or antler jewelry gets dirty, gently wash it with a soft damp cloth and a mild soap. Rinse away the soap, then dry it with a clean, soft, dry cloth.


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