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Set of Authentic Meteorite Shirt Studs in Sterling Silver-1934

These magnificent and rare meteorite shirt studs make for an extraordinary wedding gift for your husband-to-be, a unique memento for your groomsmen, or a special gift for you, your family and friends. Tuxedo Studs or Stud Sets inlaid with Meteorite.

The sterling silver studs are inlaid with amazing Gibeon Meteorite. The Meteorite shows a fantastic Widmanstätten pattern. It has been etched with an acid to reveal the characteristic patterns, or Widmanstätten figures, of iron meteorites.

Sleeve: Sterling Silver
Profile: Round
Finish: Polished

Inlay: Gibeon Meteorite

**The mineral troilite is present in meteorite and may be visible in your finished item. If you’d like to ensure no troilite can be seen, purchase the troilite-free meteorite add-on. Learn more about troilite in meteorite jewelry.