Celtic Ring Inspiration

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day: the one day a year we all wear green and gold and celebrate the Luck O’ the Irish... mostly by drinking green beer and trying to talk like a Leprechaun. But if you could celebrate your Irish heritage all year round, would you? We think you should. After all, we all could use a little extra luck throughout the year, right? If you have an Irish-inspired design of your own in mind, we can help you create a custom masterpiece just for you.  Below are some of our favorite Celtic Jewelry designs to help you celebrate your Irish heritage with Irish jewelry. We've got a lil' bit o' everything... 

Claddagh Engagement Ring (SKU 3222)

Claddagh Engagement Ring

Sandblasted Titanium Ring with Celtic Engraving and Wood Inlay (SKU 3348)

Celtic Wedding Band

Black Celtic Ring, Elysium by Lashbrook

Black Celtic Wedding Band

Celtic Knot Ring with Irwonwood (SKU 1923)

Wood Celtic Wedding Ring


Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Jewelry 

Whiskey Barrel Ring

In addition to Celtic knots and patterns, we handcraft Whiskey Barrel Rings and other whiskey barrel jewelry that can help you celebrate your Irish spirit and love for Irish Whiskey. Our whiskey barrel rings are made from real Jack Daniel's Whiskey barrels.

The unique texture of the oak whiskey barrel wood makes this a great material to pair with other materials in our Antler Rings, Dino Bone Rings, Meteorite Rings. In other great news, we’ve just added one of our best selling Whiskey Barrel Rings to our Signature Styles, which means that most sizes are in stock and ship to you in 3-5 days!

If you aren’t much of a ring-wearer, no worries! We have whiskey barrel beads that will fit on your big-name charm bracelet or one of our necklace chains as well. Raise your glass and give a look to some of our most unique designs below. And check out our blog Custom Rings Made from Whiskey Barrels that features other design inspiration.

Whiskey Barrel Oak, Dymondwood and Antler Ring (SKU 3107)

Celtic Ring

Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring with Whiskey Barrel Sleeve (SKU 3226)

Meteorite and Dino Bone Ring

Whiskey Barrel Oak Wood Ring with Antler in Yellow Gold (SKU 2815)

Whiskey Barrel and Antler Wedding Band

We know that whiskey isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you prefer beer? If so, it's your lucky day! We can also create you a beer barrel wedding ring. Regardless of your drink of choice, we can probably incorporate its packaging into your ring somehow. Contact us to design a custom ring with your unique material.  

Green Rings

Green Rings

If you love the color green every day of the year, we have a wide selection of Green Jewelry. Choose from our Green Box Elder Burl Wood Rings, Emerald Rings, Peridot Ringsand unique Moldavite Jewelry. Here are just a few of our favorite green ring styles.]

Simple Green Box Elder Burl Wedding Band (SKU 2242)

Seymchan Meteorite Ring with Green Box Elder Burl (SKU 2765)

Seymchan Meteorite and Wood Ring

Green Wedding Ring Set with Peridot Engagement Ring and Black Ceramic Band (SKU 2540)

His and Hers Irish Wedding Rings

Malachite Ring with Wooden Sleeve (SKU 3160)

Malachite Ring





(Pot of) Gold Rings

And finally, the last category on our St. Patrick’s Day, Irish-inspired jewelry list is inspired by the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Yellow gold is most traditional, but white gold and rose gold rings are just as stunning. If you find a design that you'd like in a different metal, it's your lucky day. Just let us know and it's likely we can make it happen. 

Yellow Gold Meteorite Ring (SKU 2817)

Yellow Gold Meteorite Ring

Honduran Rosewood Ring in Yellow Gold (SKU 2553)

Yellow Gold Wood Ring

Yellow Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring with Antler (SKU 2418)

Moissanite Engagement Ring with Antler




Whether you go with a Celtic design, a whiskey barrel ring, a green wood wedding band, or a gold engagement ring, you will be carrying the luck of the Irish with you all year round! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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