How to Tell If It’s Real Meteorite Jewelry

July 15, 2016 1 Comment

meteorite jewelry

We are proud to create and distribute authentic meteorite rings here at Jewelry by Johan. Many customers come to us very excited that we can hand make a completely custom piece with a variety of materials in a ring, especially meteorite.

Meteorite is rare and can be difficult to find in custom jewelry pieces. But now that you’ve found it, how do you know that the meteorite in your jewelry is authentic meteorite? How do you know that a jeweler doesn’t just toss some random mix of metal into your wedding band?

Below is an example of a horribly-made, fake meteorite ring. We ordered it online from a not-to-be-named retailer who was claiming that this was real meteorite. The ring was just $39.99. We cut it apart to see the results of the inlay, which appeared to be some kind of foil paper, with a clear, plastic protective layer over the top.

IMG_2397_edit    IMG_2399_edit    IMG_2402_edit

As you can see, the ring was cheaply made and is clearly not real meteorite. We promise this is not what we do here at Jewelry by Johan. Here’s how you can verify any jewelry purchased from us or elsewhere is real meteorite.

Authentic Meteorite Jewelry May Include a Certificate of Authenticity

We value our customers and love providing them with custom,authentic meteorite jewelry that they can cherish forever. Our meteorite comes straight from the source, Gibeon Meteorite and Seymchan Meteorite. We send Certificates of Authenticity for both types, so that you know where your meteorite originated from and have peace of mind that it’s the real deal.

Meteorite Authenticity

Authentic Meteorite is Magnetic

Another way to quickly identify if you have a real piece of meteorite is by checking with a magnet. Since about 99% of meteorite is magnetic, real meteorite will be attracted to the magnet. If your jewelry is not magnetic, it is not likely to be real meteorite.

Real Meteorite Has the Potential to Rust

Because meteorite is an iron-based material, it does have the potential to rust. If you’re lucky, the meteorite in your jewelry might not rust at all, but the majority of real meteorite does tend to rust over time. The good news is, there is a way to care for it in order to prevent it from rusting. All of our rings include instruction on how to properly care and prolong the longevity of your item. One of the benefits of buying from Jewelry by Johan is that we offer a free Re-Etching Service, a $75 value. The Re-Etching eliminates rust and exposes the meteorite pattern that was underneath.Contact us today if your meteorite jewelry needs to be re-etched!

Exposure to Strong Acids will Damage Real Meteorite

Meteorite cannot withstand exposure strong acids, includinghydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid.Needless to say, testing your jewelry’s reaction to these puts it at risk of damage, so we recommend using the methods previously mentioned to verify its authenticity first. If your jewelry comes in accidental contact with any of the strong acids listed and does not damage, it is most likely not real meteorite.

Shop Real Meteorite Jewelry

Shop our large selection of real, authentic meteorite jewelry today! If you're looking for the look of real meteorite, but at a lower price point, we also offer mimetic meteorite.


Meteorite Ring

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January 14, 2019

If one understands the Widmanstatten structure characteristic of true meteoritic Fe-Ni it is easy to pick a fake from the real thing.

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