Custom Diamond Wedding Band, Mate to Twist Shank Ring
From $1,619.00
14k Rose Gold14k White Gold14k Yellow GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Unique Birthstone Necklace with Meteorite, Customize with Gemstone Desired
From $1,055.00
GarnetAmethystAquamarineDiamondEmeraldPearlRubyPeridotBlue SapphirePink TourmalineSwiss Blue TopazTanzanite+ 9 more
White and Black Diamond Engagement Ring
From $209.00
Sterling Silver14k White Gold10k White Gold
Black & White Diamond Promise Ring
From $89.00
Sterling Silver10k White Gold14k White Gold
Jewelry by Johan's April birthstone jewelry shows the beauty of diamond dinosaur bone rings, wood rings, and many types of diamond engagement rings. Design your own piece of customized jewelry by contacting us and see you or your special someone's birthstone in a diamond engagement ring.