Explore the unique charm and natural beauty of antler, a sustainable and ethereal material that brings the wilderness into the art of jewelry making. Discover how antler's distinctive patterns and textures make each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure, reflecting the individuality of the wearer.

The Allure of Antler in Jewelry

Visit our Deer Antler Jewelry page for more in-depth information. All antler is coated with Ring Armor.

If you're interested in supplying your own antler, there is no additional cost for customization. Learn more about size requirements and how to send us your antler.

Antler Variations

Elk Antler

Dark Mule Deer Antler


White Tail Antler


Variations of Colors Available

After purchase we send you images of the available Antler that we have to use for your item, and you get to select the final color. These are examples of color ranges that we offer, or have had previously.

Dyed Antler Colors

Black Colored Antler

Red Colored Antler

Blue Colored Antler

Green Colored Antler

Orange Colored Antler

White Colored Antler

Dyed Antler Options

If you would like us to use a dyed antler piece for your item, leave a note for us during checkout and we can send you images of what we currently have in stock.