Wood Education

Our Options for Custom Jewelry

By ordering a wood ring from JBJ, you’re not only going to end up with a stunning, completely customized wedding band, but you’ll also be doing your part to reuse and recycle one of the most beautiful elements that our earth has to offer. Most of the wood we use to create our masterpieces are cut-offs from exotic woods.

Besides being eco-friendly, another benefit of wood rings is that people with metal allergies will not have to worry about having an allergic reaction every time they wear their ring.

Traditionally, to celebrate a 5th wedding anniversary the bride and groom give each other presents made from wood to symbolize the growth of the marriage that has yet to come. What better way to celebrate a 5th anniversary than with coordinating wood rings? These sentimental wood rings will tell your spouse and the world of your lasting love for one another.


Because everyone has a different vision for what they want their ring to look like, almost all of our rings can be completely customized to suit your style. If you like one of our rings here at JBJ but you’re not sure about the wood type shown in the listing, you can have the wood swapped out for a different type. See our Wood Choices page and scroll through 90+ wood types that you can choose from. Once you have chosen your wood type, provide it to us at JBJ no later than three weeks after your purchase date.

Once we have received your wood choices (up to 3) we will send you photos of those species of wood that we currently have in stock for you to choose from. Please note that this could be up to a couple of weeks before we start making your ring. This way you can check for yourself if the wood you’ve chosen is the way you like it!


Under normal circumstances wood is easy to break or warp – but not when it has our Ring Armor Service applied.

Wood rings that do not have Ring Armor applied are not durable. They have the potential to swell with moisture, dry out, and even crack. The Ring Armor Service that we offer here at Jewelry by Johan protects our wood rings from water, UV rays, and the typical nicks and scratches that can occur from everyday wear. This way, you can keep the natural beauty of the wood while removing the issue of wood’s fragility. Learn more about how to care for your wood ring on our Ring Care page.


As you know, we can make your ring out of just about anything here at Jewelry by Johan. If you want your ring to be extra special and sentimental, you can send us your own wood sample to use in your ring. We have had customers send us pieces of wood from a special tree in their yard and even from their family cabin, which was their favorite place growing up to use in their custom ring. Create a beautiful ring and conversation starter by sending us a sample of sentimental wood in your life.

Supplying Your Own Wood Samples

I can use your wood in a custom ring as long as it meets the following criteria:

  1. It has a minimum diameter of 1.5″ with minimum length of 3″
  2. It is dry
  3. Free of checks and cracks


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