Polished Gold Ring With Deer Antler Inlay


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Whitetail meets Gold in this custom made Deer Antler Ring. You can have the Antler from your very own trophy deer inlaid into a solid Gold ring. Show off your memorable hunt in a brand new innovative way!

Deer antler is a rugged and robust material perfect for use in jewelry. You’ll find that it will stand up to everyday wear. Antlers have long been used by many cultures all over the world for utility and adornment purposes. Antlers are shed seasonally by male deer, elk and moose and can be collected in the wild. If you find an antler and would like it used, please just send me a piece.

Wherever you get your antler from, if you wish for us to use your antler, then we need a piece that measures at least 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches long. If you do not have an antler, we can provide this free of charge.

RING LAYOUT - Polished Gold Ring With Deer Antler Inlay-1716
Ring Width: 8 mm
Ring Sleeve: Gold
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

1.5 mm Gold
5 mm Deer Antler
1.5 mm Gold

All international orders containing wildlife (antler, mother of pearl, abalone etc.) will require a $93 inspection fee by US Fish and Wildlife in order to leave the country. This fee is included in the shipping price.

SKU: 1716WG10-RP-AN-Unknown