Bad to the Dino Bone Gift Set, Tie Clip & Cuff Links


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This pairing of dinosaur bone jewelry features cuff links and a tie clip gift. Both statement pieces perfectly complete the wardrobe of someone with edgy style. Both are handcrafted with a polished finish and feature authentic fossil.

Dino bone comes in a variety of colors and patterns. After your purchase, we will send you a few material choices to choose from. If you have a preference in color, we will do our best to accommodate; please be sure to add details about color preference in the notes section of your order.

Purchase these items individually:
Dino Bone Cuff Links 
Dino Bone Tie Clip 

Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Finish: Polished

Inlay: Dinosaur Bone

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*Natural materials can vary from specimen to specimen by having different color hues, tints, shades, tones, and textures. Therefore, the item you receive may be different than the images and the specifications provided in the description.

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